Laura Ingraham Cracks At Hannity: I'm Glad The 'Heat's Off Me And On You!'

Fox News hosts joke about their negative press.

Two embattled Fox News hosts made light of their situations on Monday evening as Sean Hannity closed his show by bantering with Laura Ingraham.

Hannity was revealed earlier in the day as the “mystery” client of Michael Cohen, the personal attorney to President Donald Trump, while Ingraham has been the subject of a boycott since last month, when she mocked one of the survivors of the Feb. 14 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“You’re like my brother,” Ingraham said. “But I’m glad for, like a millisecond, the heat’s off me and on you.”

“I appreciate that... that’s like a sibling,” Hannity said, laughing. “I hope the heat’s on you, not me.”

See the full exchange above.

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