Sean Hannity Flips Out After Getting Busted Sharing Fake News


Sean Hannity doesn’t like being called out ― even when he admits he’s wrong. 

The Fox News host tweeted a link to a false story calling John McCain a “globalist war criminal” and claiming the Republican senator from Arizona had “requested campaign donations from the Russians.” 

“Wow if true,” Hannity wrote in a since-deleted tweet that has been preserved in a number of places online, including Mediaite:

Turns out the source of the story was Gateway Pundit, known for spreading falsehoods. In this case, the source of the story is a 2008 incident in which the Russian ambassador to the United Nations mistakenly received a standard fundraising mailer from McCain’s presidential campaign ― an incident chalked up to a computer error.

Hannity apologized to McCain after deleting the tweet, but hundreds of Twitter users responded that he should have checked his facts first. He didn’t seem to appreciate the suggestion, firing back: 

That’s variation of an argument President Donald Trump has used when caught tweeting false info, implying that sharing something on Twitter shouldn’t have to meet the same standard for truthfulness. 

Am I gonna check every statistic?” Trump said when called out by Bill O’Reilly for sharing false crime numbers that blamed African-Americans for most of the nation’s murders. 

Hannity has fallen for Gateway Pundit stories before, last year apologizing for sharing a false story about Hillary Clinton




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