Sean Hannity Ties Nancy Pelosi's Vacation To California Cop Killing

The Fox News host attacked the newly elected House speaker for being in Hawaii while Trump was "waiting to negotiate" on border security.

Sean Hannity ramped up his allegiance to President Donald Trump Thursday when the Fox News host linked the killing of a California cop ― and the deaths of “Americans” ― to Nancy Pelosi’s Hawaii holiday vacation.

Police Cpl. Ronil Singh was allegedly shot to death by an undocumented immigrant from Mexico during a traffic stop on Dec. 26. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson partially blamed the killing on California’s newly enacted sanctuary law, and President Donald Trump used the incident to bolster his demand for a border wall. Meanwhile, Pelosi, the newly elected House speaker, defended a holiday trip she took to Hawaii during the ongoing government shutdown over Trump’s line-in-the-sand demand for $5 billion to build the barrier.

“Over this past weekend, we lost a police officer,“ Hannity began on his show Thursday in a clip provided by Media Matters. “His name was Officer Singh. This guy was in California. And the sheriff of that county was on this show last night saying the sanctuary policies played a big part in what happened, because the murderer was involved in the criminal justice system and was never deported. 

“But Speaker Pelosi, while the president was in the White House waiting to negotiate, you were thousands of miles away, lapping it up, life of luxury, playing politics with border security. Americans died over the course of that weekend, Americans, an American hero police officer with a 5-month-old son is no longer on this earth providing for his child.”

Hannity called Thursday “Day 1 of the Pelosi shutdown.”

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