Sean Hannity Blasts Obama Daughters' Spring Break Vacation (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity got into a heated debate with Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers on his Monday show, arguing over the Obama daughters' spring break vacations.

"While the administration can’t find the money to open the people’s house with tours and the deficit continues to mount, we, you, the taxpayers, you continue to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous, their luxurious excursions and much more," Hannity said on Monday. He took issue especially with Malia and Sasha Obama's trips to the Bahamas and Idaho.

"Just so I'm not misunderstanding you, you're upset that the girls went on vacation?" Powers asked incredulously. "Like, the daughters?”

“We have to pay for the security,” Hannity said. “Which is the right thing to do. But not one vacation, they went on two spring break vacations.”

“No, I'm sorry, that's insane,” Powers responded. "I think you should leave the daughters out of it. They should be allowed to go on vacation."

Hannity claimed that the "optics" on the administration's vacations seemed "wrong" when "50 million Americans are on food stamps and 14 million are on disability." Powers argued that the Obama daughters should be allowed to go on vacation.

"Okay, one spring break," Hannity conceded. "Do they have to take two?"

“I cannot believe you are making an issue out of what the girls are doing," she countered. “They’re little girls!”

Later, Powers called the segment "one of the most mean-spirited things" Hannity has ever done, which he denied.



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