Sean Hannity's Pee Pee Tape Discussion Goes Completely Off The Rails


Sean Hannity made a reference on Thursday night to the infamous “pee pee tape” that was mentioned in the unsubstantiated Steele dossier about Donald Trump and his campaign. This led to a unique defense of the president from Fox News host Jesse Watters.

It all started with a hypothetical question for commentator Jessica Tarlov, who was also a guest on the show.

“Let’s say Donald Trump produces a memo that says Hillary Clinton had hookers in her room in a Ritz hotel in Moscow urinating on her bed,” Hannity said. “Now, if that was in there and it was not true ―and then it ends up being the basis in part for a FISA warrant against her used by Trump ― you’d be pretty pissed off and the media would be apoplectic tonight, true or false?”

“Absolutely true,” said Tarlov. “By the way, this is the only show that I’ve ever been able to talk about the pee tape on so that makes me really happy.”

Then, it got weird.

“And you know it’s not true because if someone pees in the bed, where are you going to sleep?” interjected Watters. “Where are you going to sleep?”

There was a brief moment of stunned silence. Check out Tarlov’s reaction:

“I don’t think he’s having a sleepover with them,” Tarlov said.

“It’s obviously not true, that doesn’t make any sense,” Watters persisted.

“I think it’s transactional,” said Tarlov. “I don’t think it’s a cuddlefest.”

People on Twitter wasted no time in reacting to the exchange:

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