Sean Hannity Says The Most Hannity Thing Ever About Joe Biden

The Fox News host ratcheted up the fearmongering for Donald Trump's base.

Over the top much?

Sean Hannity, the conservative media’s right-wing Donald Trump wingman, delivered a predictably dire warning about presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday. But even by the Fox News host’s standards, it was a doozy. (Watch it below.)

Looking ahead to the election, Hannity proclaimed on his show:

“If Joe Biden wins, if he has the strength and stamina and mental alertness to do the job, if he implements the extreme agenda that he’s now embracing, let me be clear. America as you know it, we know it, will be destroyed. Our entire way of life will be flushed down the drain.”

Hannity prattled on about law and order and capitalism being at risk in the kind of fearmongering catnip for Trump voters that will likely intensify as November draws near.

As of June 20, Trump had raised nearly $1 billion for the 2020 election, NPR noted.

But the incumbent gets Hannity’s campaign speeches for free.