Sean Hannity: Republicans Need To Shut Down Government 'Until The President Cuts Spending' (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity interviewed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on his Wednesday Fox News program and suggested that the Republicans threaten a government shut down during the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations.

Giuliani and Hannity agreed that the upcoming negotiation had to focus on spending cuts. "We're finished with the debate over taxes," Giuliani said "The debates have to be about how we're going to reduce spending. Republicans have to pass bills."

"One right after the other," Hannity interjected.

"Let's take the risk that people will get angry at us," Giuliani continued. "But let's present a realistic pictures of how you can reduce this deficit, and then dare the Senate to vote against it. And then dare the president to veto it if the Senate should vote for it."

"And if they have to, only essential areas of government get funded," Hannity said. "They have to be willing to shut it down until the president cuts spending."

Watch the exchange in the clip above.



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