Sean Hannity And GOP Rep. Join Forces For Most Fawning Take On Trump’s Mind

The former president, who bragged recently about how he “ACED” a cognitive test, will likely be pleased with the segment.

Sean Hannity and Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) laid it on thick Monday as they praised Donald Trump’s mental acuity.

After spending several minutes melodramatically hand-wringing with Jackson over President Joe Biden’s recent gaffes and perceived “cognitive decline,” Hannity switched gears to discuss Trump, who has also made a string of verbal slip-ups in the last few months.

“I’ve interviewed President Trump extensively for hours at a time, and I can tell you he is as sharp now as he was when I knew him 30 years ago. There’s no decline, zero,” Hannity effused.

“He makes one little mistake — the media goes insane,” he added, without a hint of irony.

Jackson, the Trump-adoring former White House doctor who spread COVID conspiracy theories and claimed Trump could live to 200, said Trump is “incredibly sharp, he’s got a better memory than I have than you have, we all know this.”

On Monday morning, Trump boasted that he had recently “ACED” a cognitive test and also got “a perfect score” on one taken when he was in the White House.

He was apparently referencing the “very hard” exam he said he took in 2020. He claimed he impressed doctors by remembering five words in a row, which he said he could do because he is “cognitively there” and has a “good memory.”

Experts noted at the time that this type of test is typically quite simple and is not intended to measure skill or intelligence but rather to detect signs of mild cognitive impairment.

Trump also complained in his Monday morning screed that he is being attacked for mixing up Biden and former President Barack Obama, whom he’s repeatedly referred to as if he were the sitting president. But according to Trump, he’s been doing it on purpose.

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