Sean Hannity's Attempt To Respond To Russell Brand Goes Awry

Seems like Russell Brand may have gotten under Sean Hannity's skin. How else to explain the seven-minute, three-guest segment Hannity came up with in response to Brand's YouTube video criticizing him?

Basically, Hannity's response to Brand's contention that his Middle East coverage is somewhat shouty and bullying was to call Brand a moron who didn't understand the nuances of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict like he did. He then brought on three guests to back him up.

Things went somewhat haywire, though, when one of those guests, Geraldo Rivera, began taking issue with Hannity instead of Brand.

"I think that there are two sides to this story that are not necessarily being told," he said, going on to criticize Israel for killing so many civilians in its latest bombardment of Gaza.

"You have seen what happened at the UN school today, Sean. We can no longer ignore what has happened," he said. Hannity looked displeased.