Sean Hannity Says Russian Hacking Probe Is 'Liberal Media Fake News Story'

As usual, shoot the messenger.

Surprise, surprise. Fox NewsSean Hannity called allegations that Russia hacked the presidential election to benefit Donald Trump a “liberal media fake news story.”

In a segment on his radio show Monday that was reported on by Media Matters, Hannity attempted to assess the players in the recently emerged intelligence, including the CIA and FBI. “I’m not buying that there’s any purity of motives by anybody,” he said.

Despite bipartisan cries to investigate deeper, Hannity still lashed out at a predictable target:

“I’m just assuming this is another liberal media fake news story that they’re all falling for, and it’s politically motivated, as evidenced by their lack of concern about ... hacking and cybersecurity over the years.”

Listen to a chunk of his rant above.

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