Sean Hannity Questions If Any Science Involved In Vaccination, Rips Fauci

The Fox News host said he's "not anti-vaccine," but he has a weird way of showing it.

Sean Hannity just had to crap on science.

On his radio show Tuesday, the Fox News star questioned its role in the COVID-19 vaccine and again criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci. (Hear the audio below.)

“Everybody knows the vaccine’s available pretty much now to anyone, if you’re over 16,” Hannity said. “Everybody knows what level of risk they want to take. Look, my attitude is, you know, do your studying, know the science to the best that we can even say we have science involved in any of this, because they’ve gotten so much wrong, the great Dr. Fauci has been wrong so often.”

Hannity and other Fox News personalities have fomented skepticism throughout the pandemic ― downplaying the coronavirus threat, blasting safety guidelines and now casting doubt about the vaccines in a way that fuels vaccine hesitancy. The right-wing cable channel’s campaign has included efforts to discredit Fauci, the government’s infectious disease expert who has been a steady voice in the outbreak.

On a day when the CDC loosened safety precautions, Hannity otherwise sounded somewhat reasonable in the radio segment. He urged people to be considerate of those whose health may be compromised, declared himself to be “pro-science” and “not anti-vaccine” and said people should do their research and talk to their doctor regarding the inoculation.

As for his own vaccination status, the host said: “I probably would have told people my decision until everyone started demanding that I tell them what my decision is.”

Earlier this year, Hannity said he was “beginning to have doubts” about getting the shot and was accused of dabbling in “anti-vaxx” territory.

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