Sean Hannity Is Heading To Singapore For North Korea Summit

Fox News will send a team including former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka to cover Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting.

President Donald Trump’s phone buddy and go-to media pundit Sean Hannity will be covering the historic summit between the U.S. and North Korea from Singapore next week. 

Along with Fox News contributor and former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, Hannity will be part of the network’s team on the ground during the meeting inSingapore. Hannity will host his show on location for three nights next week. Chris Wallace and Bret Baier will also be in the city, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After a brief cancellation of their summit, Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un will meet on June 12. 

Hannity, who has been one of the most vocal supporters of Trump and his administration, has consistently lavished praise on the president for planning to meet with the North Korean dictator. Hannity called Trump’s decision “a major policy breakthrough” and a “big win.” Some on Fox News have called for Trump to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for the meeting.



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