Hannity Loses It Over Journalists With 'Expensive Wine Lifestyles' Criticizing Trump

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

We’d be upset about Sean Hannity’s latest criticism of the media, but we couldn’t hear him over the sound of our chauffeured limousines.

Hannity let loose on Fox News Tuesday night when discussing journalists who had deemed Hillary Clinton, and not Donald Trump, the winner of the first presidential debate. By practically all professional analyses, as well as a post-debate CNN poll, Trump got trumped. But that wasn’t enough proof for Hannity, a staunch supporter of the GOP nominee.

Citing internet surveys, which are notoriously inaccurate, Hannity claimed other members of the media are out of touch.

“My overpaid friends in the media, well, they have their chauffeur-driven limousines, they like their fine steakhouses and expensive wine lifestyles,” he said, arguing that because we all apparently make so much money, we can’t possibly understand the problems real Americans face. 

But actually, Hannity’s the one who’s removed from reality. The mean salary for reporter or correspondent is $46,560, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More importantly, the polls the Fox News host cites are untrustworthy. As The Huffington Post’s polling director Ariel Edwards-Levy explains:

Also, online polls aren’t generally great at preventing users from voting multiples times. As Salon’s Nico Lang explains:

In truth, online polls mean almost nothing. On the Time poll, there’s nothing stopping you from voting multiple times on different browsers. I was able to vote for Clinton three times — once on Google Chrome, another time on Safari, and yet a third time on Firefox. If I were truly passionate about my vote, I could also use my cell phone, iPad, or Kindle to add another tally behind the former Senator’s name. It was easy to do the exact same thing on the Drudge Report, Fox San Diego, Breitbart, The Hill,Shelby Star, and surveys, all of which went handily for Mr. Trump.

On his website, Hannity admits the polls are unscientific, but since when has he let a silly thing like science get in the way of his opinions?



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