Sean Hannity Dismisses Trump-Russia Link As Just A 'Bizarre Conspiracy Theory'

The Fox News host also thinks the president will "probably" be in office for eight years.

Sean Hannity doesn’t want to hear about alleged links between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Even after the president fired FBI director James Comey amid an investigation into the matter, Hannity dismissed the possible ties as something fabricated by the left, especially what he called the “destroy Trump media.”

Speaking on his Fox News show on Wednesday night, Hannity said:

“Deranged liberal crackpots are at it again, and they’re using President Trump’s decision ― very important decision ― to fire the now former FBI director to push all kinds of brand-new, completely insane, bizarre conspiracy theories.”

Hannity said the real collusion wasn’t between Trump’s campaign and Russia. It was between the media and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“There is zero evidence, so far, that Donald Trump ― his campaign, his transition ― ever colluded with the Russians,” he said. “It is a bizarre conspiracy theory.”

He accused Democrats of having a selective memory for attacking Comey previously, but showing anger at Trump’s decision to fire him.

“There is no getting through to these tinfoil hat conspiracy liberals. On the left, they’re detached from reality. They’re oblivious to truth today,” Hannity said. “It’s time to diagnose them with what it is: Trump derangement syndrome.”

Then Hannity seemed to predict that Trump will win a second term.

“Sadly, there is not a cure,” he said. “That’s the worst part. This will go on for four years, probably eight years.”