Outraged Sean Hannity Wants White House To Seize More Control Over Media

Reporters would have to submit questions in writing on pre-selected topics.

Fox News host Sean Hannity urged the White House on Monday night to “restructure” its daily briefings to limit the media’s ability to ask questions.

On the same day The Washington Post reported that Trump leaked “highly classified information” to Russian officials in the Oval Office, Hannity said:

“First, the White House press team should regularly develop a list of the top and most important 15, 20, 25 issues of the day. Next, the media, well, they should be able to submit questions about these issues in writing, give the White House time to respond with clarity and specificity, and if Sean Spicer then wants to take a couple of questions from the briefing room podium, that’s fine. But only on those specific topics.”

He said Spicer could follow up on other questions ... in writing.

“You, the American people, would be better served,” Hannity claimed.

Hannity, a vocal Trump supporter, said last week that the White House could do away with media briefings and the president could just “tweet out his accomplishments instead.”

See his latest comments above.

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