Sean Hannity Trains With Ex-UFC Champ, Disses Obama's Fitness Routine

Sean Hannity Trains With Ex-UFC Champ, Disses Obama's Workout

Sean Hannity of Fox News showed off his mixed martial arts skills on air -- after working in a verbal jab at President Barack Obama's workout routine.

In a segment featuring Hannity training with former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell, the conservative host practiced punching and kicking while getting pointers. "If you hit me, I'm in the hospital, right?" Hannity asks Liddell.

But Hannity's intro might have produced the most memorable hit. Showing a clip of Obama performing a step routine while he lifts light weights, Hannity pokes fun at the president's "really really strenuous workout" and pulls no punches in further dissing the commander-in-chief's gym work. When one Twitter user accused Hannity of a low blow, the host responded thusly:

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