Sean Hannity's Attempt To Slam Jake Tapper Blows Up In His Face

“I don’t think that turned out the way he intended."

Sean Hannity probably didn’t expect to inspire a Twitter love-fest Monday night when he told his viewers to tweet their criticisms to “fake news Jake Tapper.”

The Fox News host devoted part of a segment to attacking Tapper, as well as the CNN anchor’s colleague Brian Stelter, and encouraged his viewers to “take to the social media” to tell the two journalists what they think of them.

“I think you will have a positive input,” Hannity added, as he urged viewers to tweet at Tapper about his interview on Sunday with President Donald Trump’s newly appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

It didn’t take long for folks to flood Tapper’s Twitter feed with their respect and appreciation for the CNN host, and their disdain for Hannity.

Tapper thanked those who came to his defense. “I don’t think that turned out the way he intended,” he said of Hannity.

Hannity’s spat seems to stem from his contesting Tapper’s report that the Fox News host would no longer receive the conservative Media Research Center’s William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence in September. Buckley was the founder of the National Review, and Tapper reported that the award was rescinded amid protests.

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