Sean Kingston Still Traumatized By Jet Ski Accident, Moves To Hollywood

Sean Kingston may be back on his feet, but his thoughts are still in a dark place. Following Kingston's recovery from a jet ski accident that nearly took his life in May 2010, the "Fire Burning" singer has been forced to leave Florida, where the accident occurred. Kingston and a female passenger collided with the side of a bridge in Miami, leaving Kingston in the ICU for more than 10 days with a torn aorta, broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs.

"My face was in the water and that's what crushed my lungs, because there was so much water," Kingston told the "Today" show after his accident. "It feels great, it's a blessing. God is great. For me to still be here it's only God's work."

According to TMZ, the 21-year-old is still so traumatized by the accident that after shaping up, he decided to ship out to the Hollywood Hills. The singer could reportedly hear the waves from his Star Island mansion, giving him nightmares and painful memories of the day that almost took his life.

Kingston is currently leasing a California mansion -- far from the water -- featuring a movie theater and gym.

For more details on Kingston's new house, click over to TMZ.

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