'Bachelor' Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici Waiting Until Marriage For Sex

03/13/2013 02:14pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

"Bachelor" Sean Lowe is officially engaged to Catherine Giudici, and the two have decided to wait until their wedding night to get physical.

In a candid interview with People magazine, Lowe revealed that he and Giudici will wait until marriage to have sex. "From my perspective, I've lived life kind of selfishly for a long time," he told the magazine. "Now, I'm going to try to live it the way I know to be right." Lowe is a conservative Christian and has been called a "born-again virgin."


Giudici says that she has chosen to "honor him."

Lowe's sexual status wasn't discussed openly on the show, but most on the "Bachelor" set knew that he was saving himself. “It’s well known in the ‘Bachelor’ circle that he doesn’t have sex,” a source who knows Lowe told the New York Daily News back in January. “But he’s so charming and so polite. It’s a different kind of show this time around because he’s super-religious. He does party, but he also does Bible readings.”

When asked about the "born-again virgin" title, Lowe told the Daily Beast, “I’m shocked. I don’t know why every tabloid feels the need to talk about it. I’ve never described myself that way."

Still, he did admit the gossip was true. “It’s a decision that I’ve made,” he told the Daily Beast about remaining celibate. “But I don’t think it needs to be discussed on the show. That’s my personal opinion ... for me, it’s a non-story.”

According to the Seattle Times, Giudici plans on moving to Los Angeles to support Lowe while he is on "Dancing with the Stars." The bride-to-be has chosen her best friend, Crista Osher, as her Maid of Honor, but she hasn't begun planning the nuptials yet. “I grew up a tomboy,” she said. “So I didn’t think about my wedding too much growing up.”

While no date has been set for Lowe and Giudici's wedding, ABC has plans to air the event.

If the two do make it down the aisle, they will join the 12.4 percent of other "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants who have actually stayed together over the show's 10-year run, WetPaint notes.


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Read more details about Lowe and Giudici's nuptials in the upcoming issue of People, on newsstands Friday.

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