Sean Penn On Internet Privacy: 'Everything You Have Ever Sent Will Be Exposed'

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn sat down with president of HuffPost Studios Roy Sekoff on Wednesday to discuss his new film "The Gunman," the controversy around his Oscars presentation and the fight for marriage equality.

The conversation turned to internet privacy, and Penn issued a terrifying prediction for the future of personal communications, and what people can expect for privacy in the future.

The actor had this to say:

There is no email you ever sent, there is no text message you ever sent, and no photograph you sent or received, that I or your wife, or your children, or your girlfriend, or your boyfriend, or the media won't be able to access with one button. And everything you have ever said in those mediums will be exposed ... to everyone that wants to see them. Enjoy it!


Watch the full clip on internet privacy above, and the full interview with Sean Penn below.