Sean Spicer Won't Deny Trump Was Upset A Woman Played Former Press Secretary On 'SNL'

This interview keeps getting spicier.

There’s only one word to describe Jimmy Kimmel’s Wednesday show: spicy.

While interviewing former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Kimmel sparred with him over what constitutes a fact. That segment rightfully made headlines, but one of the more upsetting elements of the interview seemed to fly under the radar.

It happens about the 15-minute mark of the interview when Kimmel asks Spicer about Melissa McCarthy’s “SNL” portrayal of him. 

Spicer has talked about the impression before, saying it could sometimes cross the line from “funny to mean.” On Kimmel’s show, he seemed to enjoy it well enough.

The president, however, was another story.

“I don’t think he found as much humor in it as others,” said Spicer on Trump’s reaction to the “SNL” sketches.

Earlier this year, a Politico report went around saying Trump was particularly upset about the sketch because Spicer was being played by a woman. On Wednesday, Spicer didn’t deny it.

After Kimmel asked Spicer if the president was annoyed he was played by a woman, he said, “I really didn’t ask a ton of questions,” before adding, “That may have been a contributing factor.”

At the time of the Politico report, the story was just coming from “sources.” In the story, a “Trump donor” said the president “doesn’t like his people to look weak.” 

Spicer’s answer seems to suggest there is some truth to it. 

Following the report, many people pulled for Rosie O’Donnell to play Steve Bannon on “SNL” to ruffle the president’s feathers. While that possibility really isn’t there anymore, at the time HuffPost’s Maxwell Strachan suggested, “It’s time for ‘SNL’ to throw the entire administration into a gigantic hissy fit by having women play them all.”

And, despite the White House’s seemingly revolving door, some of the suggested roles still work



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