'The Daily Show' Profiles Sean Spicer, AKA 'Donald Trump's Air Freshener'

“You know that air freshener that just makes things worse?"

It looks like America is going to be seeing a lot of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for the next four years.

Trevor Noah thought that was a good enough reason to profile Spicer on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show” and offer insight into what he does for President Donald Trump.

“Trump bullshits, and [Spicer’s] the guy who’s agreed to go out every day with the air freshener,” Noah said. “And, by the way, not good air freshener.”

Noah got more graphic with the metaphor.

“You know that air freshener that just makes things worse? Like when you walk in and now you smell the shit and the air freshener? You’re like, ‘I think someone took a shit on some old lemons.’”



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