Angry Viewers Are In No Mood To Laugh At Sean Spicer's Emmy Jokes

"Trying to normalize Sean Spicer already?"

Sean Spicer joked about lying to the American people in a surprise appearance at Sunday’s 69th annual Emmy Awards.

Unsurprisingly, viewers were not enthused.

As the former White House press secretary made his way onto the Emmy Awards stage rolling the podium that looked similar to the one “Saturday Night Live” used to mock him, tweets poured in from viewers at home, accusing the show of trying to normalize an official who repeatedly lied to the American public.

“Trying to normalize Sean Spicer already?” Daily Kos staff writer Gabe Ortíz tweeted.

“Harvard fellowships, Emmy appearances, huge speaking fees: there’s just gonna be no penalty for working in Trump’s White House, huh?” Jon Favreau added.

Spicer’s tenure serving in the Trump administration was marked by frequent controversies, starting from his first day on the job. Following Trump’s inauguration, the press secretary told reporters that the president’s inauguration featured the largest crowd in presidential inauguration history ― a claim quickly proved false by photographs.

It was this same controversy Spicer made light of with a joke during his surprise Emmy appearance. He rolled onto the stage and declared, “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period.”

Following Spicer’s onstage appearance, the Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner said the former press secretary was enjoying his time in the spotlight, posing for photos and drinking beer among the stars.

Members of the viewing public were quick to call out the problem with allowing Spicer himself to laugh off what became the first of many lies and misstatements the press secretary used to defend Trump.

Take a look at some of the most searing viewer reactions below.

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