Jimmy Kimmel Nails Sean Spicer On What A Fact Actually Is

This is what happens when you try to "disagree with the facts."

Sean Spicer got a lesson on what a fact is during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.

While the tone of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview was pleasant, Kimmel did put Spicer on the spot a few times while talking about the six months he spent working for President Donald Trump, especially on the topic of inauguration crowd size

On the day after the inauguration, the newly minted White House press secretary and communications director held a hastily arranged news conference to incorrectly claim that Trump had the “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration” despite photos showing a much smaller crowd gathered in Washington than had attended President Barack Obama’s 2008 event. 

Spicer also said at the time that “sometimes we can disagree with the facts.”

“Can we though, disagree with the facts?” Kimmel asked.

Spicer tried to talk about using facts to form opinions, but Kimmel wasn’t having it. 

“Like if I were to say to you I’m sitting on a horse right now,” Kimmel interrupted.

“You’re not,” Spicer replied.

“Exactly!” Kimmel fired back.  

Spicer eventually admitted that the crowd size debate may have gotten him off on the wrong foot with the press. 

“I don’t think it was probably the best start, no,” he told Kimmel. 

Check it out above and watch the full interview below.



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