Sean Spicer Just Held A Press Conference With Food In His Teeth

In a true act of savagery, not a single member of the press corps appears to have told him.

Someone in the White House had better get Sean Spicer a toothpick, because it looks like he has a little something in his teeth.

The press secretary showed up to Monday’s press conference with what looks like a piece of lettuce wedged in the bottom half of his mouth.

Twitter won’t lettuce forget this:

Even Jim Carrey couldn’t resist tweeting about it:

A few people pointed out that Spicer needs a buddy in the White House to help him out before he goes on live TV:

Another Twitter user added that Melissa McCarthy will definitely be adding this to her next Spicer skit on “Saturday Night Live:”

At least he’s not accidentally sending a distress signal to America like he did at an earlier press conference in March, when he wore his American flag pin upside-down.

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