Sean Spicer Wants A Slice Of Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' Emmy

"I think we should share," joked the former White House press secretary.

Sean Spicer has jokingly suggested that Melissa McCarthy share the Emmy Award she won this week in part for her hilarious portrayal of him on “Saturday Night Live.”

I think we should share,” the former White House press secretary lightheartedly told The Blast earlier this week. He also claimed that President Donald Trump has “a great sense of humor” and actually enjoys watching some of the “SNL” skits ― despite reports, and tweets from the president himself, that often imply otherwise.

McCarthy earned rave reviews for her performance as the gum-chewing, fact-eschewing “Spicey” ― and scooped the Emmy for guest actress in a comedy series at the Creative Arts Awards, a precursor to Sunday’s main event.

Spicer further said he’d be open to “have a conversation” with “SNL” should producers ask him to appear as a guest host in its upcoming 43rd season, which kicks off Sept. 30. It would mean following in his former boss’ footsteps, however, as Trump himself hosted the show back in November 2015.



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