Sean Spicer Sends Distress Signal To America With Upside-Down Flag Pin

Blink twice if you need help.

During Friday’s White House press conference, Sean Spicer sent Twitter into a frenzy when he wore his American flag pin upside down. Though Spicer’s unfortunate move was likely accidental, an upside-down American flag is an officially recognized sign of distress.

Almost immediately, everyone on Twitter began making the same joke about what kind of signal Spicer was trying to send.

The upside-down flag was recently used in a promotion for the next season of “House of Cards,” so of course the Netflix show tweeted about Spicer’s mishap:

Spicer’s error was flagged down during the press conference and he quickly fixed it. According to Yahoo White House correspondent Hunter Walker, Omarosa Manigault reportedly passed Spicer a note about the error.

We know Melissa McCarthy and the “Saturday Night Live” writers are just loving this new material.

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