Searching For Justice: The Baby With No Name

The baby needed a name. And, so, Detective Kerry Dalling gave him a name. She called him Baby Victor.

Kerry is a mother and the case that she has been tasked with solving is a case that will break any mother's heart. It was 10am on March 14th 1986 when trash workers in Fairfield, Ct found the mutilated body of a baby boy. The baby was found displayed near a trash barrel, somewhat covered in plastic. Arranged adjacent to his body were items that suggested a ritual killing had taken place.

Surrounding the body: coins, fruit, burlap, and another item of significance that indicated the religion was Santeria or, more likely, an offshoot of Santeria known as Palo Mayombe. The medical examiner estimated the baby was less than 24 hours old and he was alive at birth. The cause of death was asphyxia by compression. After he was killed, the killer or killers removed his eyelids making the baby's face unrecognizable. The injuries were all attacks to his senses. This case came to be known as the "see no evil, hear no evil" killing because of the injuries to his eyes and ears.

No one has ever claimed or identified the baby. Kerry Dalling has made it her mission to identify the baby and to find the person or persons who killed it. The Governor's office in Connecticut has authorized a $25,000 reward for info leading to an arrest. Once you watch Kerry talk about the baby in our new "Searching For Justice" segment -- you won't forget him. He needs justice.