Season 3 Trailer, Season 2 of The Artist Project Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Season 3 trailer for The Artist Project is below. The new season, in which I am included, will be released this week on September 16th.

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch Season 2, it is embedded below.

Roz Chast

Willie Cole

Teresita Fernandez

Spencer Finch

Roland Flexner

Jeffrey Gibson

Y. Z. Kami

II Lee

Glenn Ligon

Robert Longo

Nalina Malani

Kerry James Marshall

Mariko Mori

Robert Polidori

Rona Pondick

David Salle

Pat Steir

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Sarah Sze

Hank WIllis Thomas

Not necessarily from this series, but which piece of art or artist has spoken to you the most?