In Season Now: 15 Winter Kale Recipes

In Season Now: 15 Winter Kale Recipes

Kale, the ruffly dark green leafy vegetable, is in season now! It's related to cabbage and has hearty leaves that never form a head like cabbage. The leaves (and even stems) are delicious prepared in many ways, including sauteing, braising, steaming or simply eaten raw.

You can find kale in the markets throughout the fall and winter months. Some say it tastes sweeter after a frost. Look for curly kale (the most prevalent variety) and Lacinato kale, which is oftentimes labeled Tuscan kale, dinosaur kale or cavolo nero (black kale). Whichever variety you choose, you can still make many of the same recipes since they are relatively interchangeable. Young, tender kale works best for salads.

Browse our collection of kale recipes, which includes regional specialties (see our Southern kale with country ham) and hearty salads, quick side dishes and soups. Pick up a bunch of kale and try any of these recipes. If you thought kale was boring, bitter or flavorless, think again!

Southern Kale

Kale Recipes

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