The Plants That Will Make Allergy Sufferers Miserable, All In One Chart

About 35 million Americans suffer from hay fever, or pollen allergy, making it one of the most common allergies in the U.S. If you count yourself among their ranks (and doctors say this spring could be especially bad for those who do), the sight of blooming trees might not fill you with quite as much joy after a long winter as it does for others. But don't despair -- you can limit your exposure to plants that give you itchy, watery eyes by finding out what your allergic to and avoiding those plants (in your own garden, at least). An allergist can perform a test -- either via a skin prick or by taking blood -- to determine what specific allergies you might have. Though there's no such thing as a completely allergy-free garden, since pollen will travel wherever the wind takes it, by knowing what you're allergic to and cutting down on exposure, you can save a whole lot of tissues.

Infographic by Alissa Scheller for The Huffington Post.