Seasoned Dream, New Directions, 2.1 "No Longer Me"

Seasoned Dream, New Directions, 2.1 "No Longer Me"
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First, I have to say, I am excited to be blogging and thankful for the opportunity! My blog will center around my experiences, thoughts and ideas relating to art, music, television, and film. For my first, I've decided to post the premiere of Melody Set Me Free (2012) 2.1 "No Longer Me."

The series is based on the 2007 video art short film of the same name, which centered around protagonist Patience O'Brien's journey competing in an "American Idol"-type music competition. The original is a sold out edition of five (with two artist prints) video work that is included in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Studio Museum in Harlem, as well as several private collections. In 2009, after being offered a residency at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, New York, season one was shot over the course of three weeks. The four episodes ranging between ten to fifteen minutes screened at Sundance New Frontiers, it was also included in the 2010 edition of Greater New York, a survey show, also at MoMA PS1, highlighting New York artists, who emerged between the years 2005 and 2010. In late 2010, it was posted on YouTube as web series.

In December 2011, I was approached by my friend and frequent collaborator James Franco to produce a series for his internet channel I proposed to create new episodes of Melody Set Me Free. I spent the month of December, writing, recording my voice, dialogue, and songs, as the fifteen characters. In January, eight days were committed to filming. I directed and portrayed five of the characters, while a wonderful talented group which consists of friends and fellow artists rounded out the cast and crew. The final four weeks, which ended in February was spent editing. The latest edition of this series consists of ten episodes ranging between five to nine minutes. A melodrama, a comedy, a musical, camp a video and performance artist, acting out my dream and fantasy, starring and directing my own soap opera in the form of a web series. Hope you find it enjoyable and engaging!

Will be back soon with a new post!

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