Keep This $10 Tool In Your Car's Glove Box. It Could Save Your Life.

This safety tool cuts seatbelts and breaks windows — and it’s only $10 on Amazon.
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When my recent story on wintertime car safety was posted to the HuffPost Instagram account, I couldn’t help but read the comments. I had interviewed my own mechanic and I wanted to see if his recommendations resonated with readers.

One item from the list kept coming up: a $10 emergency multitool that functions as a seatbelt cutter and glass car window breaker. If you’re in an accident or your car ends up in the water, this tool can help you sever your seatbelt or break your car window to get out.

Commenters shared stories of family members using the tool to escape from car accidents. Many said they were happy to have it with them in their ride. Some said they gave it as a gift to new car owners or just a practical present for loved ones that drive.

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 car tool
This dual-headed safety hammer has a pointed spike with a protective cap, a flat-head hammer and a sharp blade to cut seatbelts. It has a 4.8-star rating, with reviews calling it a "must-have" and a handy tool for all drivers. Amazon user Andrew C. wrote that it sits "driver-side door well," so it's easy to grab in the case of an emergency. This option (which we originally included in the story) is currently sold out, so we’ve added some similar highly-rated models below.
A set of two glow-in-the dark Swiss Safe 5-in-1 safety hammers
If your family has more than one car, this set of two emergency hammers gets you more for your dollar. It's the same brand and style that my mechanic recommends, plus the hammers glow in the dark, after being exposed to light. Amazon user Smora13 says they purchased this two-pack for an upcoming road trip. "It's a very inexpensive way to cover yourself in case of an accident where having a product like this handy might save your life or the life of someone you love," they wrote.
A set of two seat belt cutters from Amazon Basics
Even Amazon has its own version of the emergency tool which boasts an impressive 4.7-star ranking across 17,848 ratings. “I had one of these for a long time in my car. This is one of those things you help you never have to use,” wrote a reviewer named Momoftwoboys1972, who explained that after using it once, they purchased it for everyone. “I came upon a rollover accident where the driver was trapped inside her vehicle. We used the window punch to get through the glass and the seatbelt cutter to cut her out safely.”

As my mechanic Carmen Campione previously told HuffPost, “people don’t realize how hard it is to break glass.” Car windows are stronger than you may think, and they can be extra hard to break when your car is compromised by an accident. Additionally, Campione said if you have a totally electric vehicle, your door handles may malfunction during an accident, meaning it can be impossible to get out without breaking the window.

Though she luckily hasn’t had to use it yet, parent and HuffPost follower Raquel Fletcher said she keeps a car multitool with her whenever she’s driving. “It has a razor-sharp cutting blade for car seats to get [a] child out in case of emergency,” she commented on the Instagram post.

Commenters shared that you should keep this device within arm’s reach of the driver’s seat — in the glove box, middle console or the side door. If you keep it in the trunk or backseat, it may be hard to reach during an emergency.

Promising reviews:

“I always struggle with thinking the worst thing could happen when driving with my kids in the car. This product has allowed me to stress less and feel more safe to have such an important tool in my car! Thank you.” — Summer Blubaugh

“This emergency escape tool is sturdy and useful for more than just breaking into or out of a vehicle or someone may be trapped. Just make sure you keep it where it can be reached if there is a crash. The life you save might be your own.” — Sandhills Complete Security

“This was a gift ! But when I saw it I was so glad I bought it for my loved ones” — JUS4JAS

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