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Seattle Pit Bull Attack: Intruder Mauled By Pitt Bulls Could Be Charged With Trespassing (VIDEO)

A seattle man now suffers "head to toe" after allegedly scaling a 10-foot fence only to be mauled by four feisty pit bulls, according to

The intruder entered the residence late Wednesday and could face charges for trespassing, The Seattle Times reports.

"This is the spot I found him in," Jimmy Williams, the dog owner, told KOMO-4 during an interview from his yard. "I'm scared, I'm panicking, I don't know what to do."

Williams said he came outside when he heard the commotion and quickly called off the dogs, as the intruder was already badly injured.

"The suspect was unable to walk due to his injuries, so the homeowner placed the suspect on a hand truck and moved him to the street," Seattle Police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said, according to The Seattle Times. "The homeowner flagged down a passer-by and asked them to call 911."

The Seattle Fire Department eventually arrived and medics escorted the suspect to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of non-life-threatening injures.

"The person had no business being there and this was their dog run, so to speak," Whitcomb added. "The dogs were blameless -- they were merely protecting their area. We're going to be requesting charges of criminal trespass on this person. It's a misdemeanor-level offense."

All four dogs were quarantined, KIRO-TV reports.

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