The Seahawks' DJ Is Hesitant to Play Future For Obvious Reasons

What is a DJ to do?

Songs from Future's album "DS2" have become a staple for any DJ who knows what's good right now. The rapper's rise to mainstream fame has even inspired a cultish following known as the #FutureHive, which has reportedly put the DJs at Seattle Seahawks practices and games in quite an awkward position.

You see, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been dating pop star Ciara for the past few months, and Future just so happens to be her ex. The two even have a child together, Future Zahir Wilburn, who Ciara brought to a Seahawks training camp practice in August, to Future's dismay.

This entire situation is understandably inconvenient for the team's DJ, DV One. Seahawks -- not named Russell Wilson -- want to hear the hottest rapper on the planet, and DV One wants to play what the players and fans want to hear. But he also doesn't want to make Ciara -- and presumably Wilson -- uncomfortable. 

"It's just that [Future] has a dope-ass album out right now, players like to hear it, it definitely gets you pumped up -- even though it's low-tempo, it's still stuff that you want to hear," DV One told Billboard. "And then you've got Ciara running up with little baby Future and she's dating Russell so it's like, 'Oh f**k.'"

Especially considering, the, uh, public nature of Wilson and Ciara's relationship (and what they do and don't do when they're alone) the situation could not be more uncomfortable for everyone involved. Even we feel a little weird about it.


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