Seattle Sperm Bike Transports Goods From Bank To Clinic (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sperm Bike Rides In Seattle

It looks like Seattle has been inseminated.

The city known for rainy days and the Space Needle is now home to Americas's first authentic sperm bike.

Specially designed to make speedy deliveries from the sperm bank to clinic, the semen-shaped bike's unique storage cooling system, located in the "head," prevents samples from becoming contaminated, KIAH-TV reports.

Not only is it functional, the nearly 10-foot-long sperm bike will also make you the most popular cyclist in the bike lanes, Gary Olsem of the Seattle Sperm Bank explains.

"It's getting a lot of looks. People are stopping. They don't quite understand what's going on," Oselm told "You put a giant sperm on a bike, and you're going to get some attention."

Seattle is actually the second city to adopt a sperm bike, which first went for a spin with The European Sperm Bank in cyclist-friendly Copenhagen.

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