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Seattle-Tacoma Airport Launches Initiative To Feature Local Music

Washington is no stranger to the music scene, being home to lauded acts like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix. Seattle-Tacoma airport is looking to bring back the golden age of music with a new initiative to feature hometown sounds.

The program "Experience the City of Music," launched January 28, uses audio and visual equipment inside the airport to feature the music of the Northwest, the airport announced in a press release. For the initiative, Sea-Tac is partnering with PlayNetwork and the Seattle Music Commission.

To get the full effect of the Seattle scene, musicians will be presented through multiple media. Overhead music from classic bands like Nirvana and Heart will mingle with that from newcomers like Allen Stone. Safety and international announcements will read by the likes of Sir Mix-A-Lot. Video segments will be broadcast on monitors throughout the airport and feature clips from MTV, local radio station KEXP, The Seattle Band Map and more.

Airport guests will also have access to an online music channel via Sea-Tac's wifi.

"Seattle is known around the world for its music culture, so it's great to see this identity embraced and showcased to all the travelers going through the airport," Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said in the press release. "Jet City, meet Music City," he added.

Check out a clip from the airport above. To see more video and hear audio clips, visit PlayNetwork's website.