Seattle Thrift Store Gets 2.5-Pound Marijuana Donation

DOOBIE-OUS DISCOVERY: Thrift Store Gets 2.5-Pound Marijuana Donation

A Seattle thrift store recently got a very generous donation, but alas, not of something they can actually resell: 2.5 pounds of marijuana.

An employee at the unidentified thrift store found a pot-filled bag in a donation bin, and notified police about the puff-puff present, the Associated Press reported.

Seattle police kindly confiscated the kind bud and put it into evidence for destruction, according to KOMO-TV.

Marijuana possession is legal in Washington, but officials are still setting up a system of licensed sellers and growers. Apparently, thrift shops aren't going to be included.

In order to prevent similarly generous donations of dank, the Seattle Police Dept. sent out a press release with this helpful information:

Donating to thrift shops is a terrific way to give a second life to your well-loved velcro sneakers, keyboards or flannel zebra jammies. However, thrift stores cannot accept the following items:
  • Tires
  • Soiled mattresses
  • Laptops
  • Large bags of marijuana

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