‘Pervert’ Gorka Ripped For ‘Gross’ Joke About Greta Thunberg’s Body

The former Trump aide made a bizarre "joke" about the teen's name and body.

Sebastian Gorka, radio host and former aide to President Donald Trump, is under fire after cracking a joke about young climate activist Greta Thunberg’s body.

During an interview on Gorka’s radio show, guest Andrew Klavan tripped over the teen’s last name.

“Whatever her name. What is her name?” the crime writer said. “Greta Thunberg?”

Gorka then turned that into a crack about her body.

“Thunder thighs, Greta Thunberg,” he replied in a clip posted online by Media Matters:

Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist named Time’s Person of the Year, just turned 17 last week. Critics slammed Gorka for offering up any comment at all about her body:

Many on the right have consistently attacked Thunberg, not simply to challenge her views on climate change but also to spit out deeply personal insults.

Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire last year repeatedly called her “mentally ill” during an appearance on Fox News. The network called the statement “disgraceful” and apologized.

President Donald Trump last month slammed Time for naming her Person of the Year, claiming she has an “anger management problem.” Then his campaign shared an edited image with Trump replacing her on the magazine’s cover.

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