Check Out Sebastian Gorka’s Priceless Reaction To Winning A ‘Dips**t’ Award

The ex-Trump aide was trolled on his own radio show.

Former White House aide and frequent Fox News guest Sebastian Gorka was trolled on his own radio show Wednesday. 

It began innocently enough, with a caller complimenting Gorka’s voice. But then the conversation took a turn for the weird. 

“My favorite magazine just did a little feature on you saying you were the top journalist of this year and I was really excited and I wasn’t sure if you were aware of that yet,” said the caller, identified only as Jason from Idaho. 

Gorka raised an eyebrow, perhaps as surprised as anyone at the notion that he could win a journalism award (or perhaps sensing he was about to get conned). 

It was, of course, the latter.

“What is this that you are talking of?” Gorka asked.

“It’s called Dipshit Magazine,” the caller replied:

When Gorka realized that he’d been trolled, he called his telephone nemesis a “coward” and a “little girl.” 

A prankster with the handle Prank Stallone said he was the one behind the stunt. And he’s trolled Gorka before: