Sebastian: Miami, December 16, 2017

I met Sebastian last year through Ray Elman, via Ray’s son Evan, who lives in Vancouver, where I was told that Sebastian was a well known graffiti artist. Now into photography I do my best to share and impart what I hope will be useful information to Sebastian from my own experience. We even talk about the idea of doing an exhibit together, my intention being to provide a boost for him. Seb’s been in Vancouver most of this year but came to Miami this week and last night we met up for dinner, catch-up and conversation. Our time together is inspirational, thought provoking and in a good way, challenging. When I’m in Seb’s presence I feel compelled to pay full attention, to be fully present and real - the good challenge I mentioned. He inspires me to “keep on my toes” and to stay focused. Old school meets New School...common ground...TBH, it’s GOAT and Lit.

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