Sebastian Schmieg's Mesmerizing Blank Google Image Search Video (VIDEO)

What Do You Get When You Do A Blank Google Image Search?

The new Google search feature lets users begin a Google search by using an image. But what happens when that image is blank?

Berlin artist Sebastian Schmieg dared to find out, when he searched a transparent PNG file. The search engine reveals similar looking images, and in this case the top match was an image of outer space. He then searched this image, and then the next top match, and then the next, for a grand total of 2,951 times. The recursive loop results were combined to make a video of this remarkable project.

The compilation of images seems to be a compact visual encyclopedia, a stunning history of everything. Watch the entrancing journey below.

Check out some of Schmieg's other Google Image search creations. This one shows a recursive search beginning with an uploaded image of Schmieg himself.

And this one begins with an image of earth.

What do you think? And what is the weirdest thing you've ever searched for in Google? Let us know in the comments section below.

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