Sebastien Del Grosso Combines Sketches And Digital Photography For Incredible Hybrid Portraits (PHOTOS)

If 'A-ha' Had A Fine Art Phase...

There was something about Sebastien Del Grosso's hybrid sketch-photographs that immediately caught our attention. Maybe it was the playful combination of photography's precision and the free-flowing gesture of the sketch. Or the fact that it reminded us of the glorious music video for A-ha's classic song, "Take On Me."

sebastien del grosso

Del Grosso's playful composites combine drawing and photography with whimsical yet realistic results -- think an adult take on "Harold and the Purple Crayon." In an email to the Huffington Post, Del Grosso cited Ben Heine as an inspiration, whose work we also admire. (See examples here and again here.)

Unlike Heine, however, Del Grosso prefers to engage with the facts. "In my series," he writes, "I try to present things in a realistic way, as if my sketches had given birth to reality."

Check out Del Grosso's works below and head over to his Facebook page for more:

Incredible Sketch Photos

Incredible Sketch Photos

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