Second Avenue Subway Series Continues...

It has been a while since I have posted a piece in support of Second Avenue. With the government shutdown, the constant need for funding of cancer research, an ongoing need to focus on women's issues and the many other issues of the world today it is hard to make only one a priority. However, as many of my readers know, I have written about all of the above in recent months and now I would like to take a moment to bring it back to the local level.

Despite all of the chaos going on in the world these days, local businesses on Second Avenue are still crumbling on an almost daily basis in large part due to the upheaval brought about by the Second Avenue subway construction.

As I have said before in my Second Avenue Subway series, locals such as myself have a responsibility to do whatever we can to support these small businesses in any way possible because they are struggling. This is our community, we love it and we want to preserve it. The best way we can do that is with our patronage.

In this piece, I chose to highlight Sojourn located at 244 E.79th Street which offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can settle in and prepare for an array of culinary treats. We happened upon this gem unintentionally and are eternally grateful for the discovery. You can tell it is run by a father/son team by the feeling of family you get the moment you are welcomed through the door. The staff is kind and friendly. The environment is lovely and the lighting -- perfect. The food, oh...the food! The presentation is exquisite. The flavors are exceptional and the combinations...inspired!

I truly enjoyed the experience from start to finish. I highly recommend Sojourn for any occasion. Perfect for a night with the girls, date night or brunch. Elegance in your own backyard. It is a true find!

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