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Second City's All-Time Favorite Chicago Movies

In honor of the unofficial official holiday, we asked our Second City family to share their all-time favorite Chicago flicks.
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Emanuel? Emanuel? Emanuel?

Mayor Rahm declared that today's Blackhawks celebration would give everyone in the city a chance to "feel like Ferris Bueller's Day Off." In honor of the unofficial official holiday, we asked our Second City family to share their all-time favorite Chicago flicks.

About Last Night

Based off a Mamet Play, screenplay by Second City's own Tim Kazurinski, and featuring Jim Belushi in his finest role. "Where did she develop her personality... a car crash?" -- Ronnie Feldman, Product Director, RealBiz Shorts


Hot, sweaty heroes. I watched it twelve times in the theater the summer it was released. - -Lisa Linke, Lead Facilitator, Second City Communications

The Blues Brothers

Greatest film soundtrack, period. -- Chrissy Borne, Account Coordinator, BizCo

I can quote the whole damn thing. -- Dujuan Pritchett, Head Stage Manager, Training Center

Who could argue with the wisdom of Jake and Elwood? "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses." -- Scott Zoll, Account Director, BizCo

The Breakfast Club

breakfast club

"That man... is a brownie hound" -- Andrea Miller, Group Events & Catering Manager

Child's Play 2

The reason for a lot of childhood nightmares as I realized none of the movies had children actually playing in them. -- Chris Redd, TourCo/SCN Contributor

Cool Runnings

When the bobsled is carried over the finish line, the sobbing commences. -- Heather Whinna, Manager

The Dark Knight

It's the movie Chicago deserves, but not the one it needs right now. -- James Dugan, Box Office

Chicago's never looked more cinematic. It's the perfect stand-in for Gotham. -- Steve Kakos, VP, Second City Communications

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Captures a perfect day in Chicago in an hour and a half. -- Tyler Alexander, VP of Digital Media

The Fugitive

"The guy did a Peter Pan right off of this dam, right here." -- Nancy Fast, SCTC Student Services Coordinator

Glengarry Glen Ross

A movie where the only morally upstanding characters are offscreen and unseen. --John Hartman, National Touring Company Member

Because coffee is for closers, and it's Mamet. -- Jeremy Smith, Associate Producer

High Fidelity

high fidelity

Because I was that mix-tape guy. -- Kelly Leonard, EVP, The Second City

It made me fall in love with not only Chicago, but also John Cusack's inner monologue voiceovers. -- Emily Walker, National Touring Company Member

There's a Frisbie/Big Star poster hanging in John Cusack's apartment. -- Jocelyn Geboy, Box Office

Home Alone

"Buzz! Your girlfriend! Woof!" -- Jessica Antes, Second City Training Center, Youth and Teen Programs Assistant

Kevin vs. the "Wet Bandits" -- Patrick Loughman, Freelance Video Producer

My fourth grade husband, Macaulay Culkin, would be miffed if I chose anything else. --Casey Pilkenton, Account Coordinator for Second City Communications

Home Alone 2

"Suck brick, kid!" -- Meghan Newman, Reception

Hoop Dreams

Great basketball story in the greatest basketball city. Also, I'm a pretentious ass. -- Rob Gornik, Box Office

A League of Their Own

It gave us the greatest Cubs player of all-time, Jimmy Dugan, and the one and only Marla Hooch...what a hitter! -- Eddie Mujica, National Touring Company Member

Midnight Run

"I can say hello in a lot of different languages. Not yours, but a lot of them." While it spends only a brief time in Chicago, as DeNiro/Jack Walsh learns, it's the work you do here that will benefit/haunt you forever. -- Joseph Ruffner, Associate Producer, Touring & Theatricals

My Best Friend's Wedding

Because I can't figure out how Julia Roberts drives from Winnetka to the Loop in such a short about of time! In rush hour. -- Jeff Gandy, Youth Program Manager

It taught college-me that it's ok not to get the guy, because there will always be a fabulous gay man to catch you when you fall. -- Emily Walker, National Touring Company Member

A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon

River Phoenix performs beat poetry, scores with no less than three girls, and crashes a 57 Buick racing the L. -- Billy Bungeroth, SCN Creative Director

North by Northwest

north by northwest

Because Hitchcock is a genius, and Grant is one helluva sexy man. -- Kerry Sheehan, President, Training Center

Pet Sematary

Because my dog just died. -- Griffin Wenzler, Box Office

Return to Me

Italians and Irish mixing, Twin Anchors, Pro-Organ Donation and David Duchovny. -- Katie Rich, Main Stage Actor

Sixteen Candles

"Dong, where is my automobile? Auuutomobiiiile? -- Adrienne Kerwin, Executive Assistant, Second City Communications

Some Like It Hot

Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis stumble upon the Valentine's Day Massacre. Hilarity ensues. --Kristina Felske, SNC Contributor/BoatCo Alumni

The Sting

Newman and Redford. Pant. Pant. -- Rachael Mason, Head of Advanced Improvisation

The Time Traveler's Wife

Only movie I've loved that involved time travel. -- Claire Swanson, Box Office

Uncle Buck

"Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face." The scene was filmed in my elementary school. -- Liz Kozak, SCN Editor-in-Chief

John Candy's unbreakable china. -- Pete Parsons, Groups Concierge

The Untouchables

Baseball bat to the head. -- Ed Furman, SCN Contributor

Wayne's World

Zang! ("Excellent" in Cantonese) -- Tiffany Smith, Manager of Group Sales

While You Were Sleeping

As a kid it taught me that if you lie enough, people will love you. -- Chelsea Devantez, National Touring Company Member

Not a big fan of the movie, but I could watch the paperboy falling off his bike and the kid wiping out while ice skating all day long. -- Nikki Pierce, SCN Contributor

Do you agree with our list? What would you add? Let us know what your favorite Chicago movies are!

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