Second Family Accuses Disneyland Character Of Racism; Donald Duck Allegedly Ignores Black Child (VIDEO)

Another family has come forward accusing a Disneyland character of racial prejudice -- and upsetting a five-year-old boy who just wanted a hug from Donald Duck.

Nastasia White says that a Donald Duck character at Disneyland deliberately ignored her five-year-old son Razzi, instead hugging and playing with white children in the area.

"I was upset and hurt. He was very sad," White told ABC 10 News, remembering the incident that allegedly happened on December 10.

The allegations come after a Southern California family came forward last week with similar claims of racism by a Disneyland employee dressed as the white rabbit character from "Alice In Wonderland." Disneyland could not be reached for comment.

"I was going to hug him but he turned his back," 6-year-old Jason Black then told Fox 10, adding the White Rabbit's actions made him feel "sad."

Lawyer Daniel Gilleon is representing both the Black and White families, and plans to ask for surveillance video for both incidents. Gilleon is a partner in the San Diego firm Mitchell and Gilleon, specializing in Personal Injury, Employment Law and Civil Rights.

Speaking to ABC 10, Gilleon said he's had many emails and calls since the initial case and is looking into them.

Disneyland characters have been at the center of lawsuits before. In 2011, a Pennsylvania woman settled with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts after accusing a Donald Duck character of fondling her during a visit to Epcot Center in Florida, according to the Smoking Gun. April Magolon said the employee groped her while she was asking for an autograph, then joked about it.



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