Has The College Sports Arms Race Spiraled Out Of Control?

This week's "The Second Half" podcast explores how student fees finance college sports.

$10.3 billion. That's how much college athletic programs have received in student fees and other subsidies in just the last five years, according to an analysis from The Huffington Post and The Chronicle for Higher Education. On this week's "The Second Half" podcast, HuffPost projects editor Ben Hallman joins Travis Waldron and Donte Stallworth to discuss his recent investigation into what athletics are costing college students.

Students at some schools, Hallman and his co-writers found, are paying as much as $1,500 annually to help finance athletics, and many of the schools taking the most in subsidies have disproportionately poor student bodies. 

Also on this week's podcast: Travis and Donte discuss the Dallas Cowboys' handling of Greg Hardy, and whether the defensive end is (finally) wearing out his welcome with the team that gave him a second chance; a big upcoming week in college football; and what would happen if college football players decided to strike over the amount of money they'll generate in the upcoming playoff. 

This podcast was produced, edited and engineered by Peter James Callahan and Adriana Usero, with assistance from Christine Conetta.

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