Second Sinkhole Forms In Seffner, Fla., Two Miles From One That Killed Jeff Bush (VIDEO)

WATCH: Second Sinkhole Forms In Seffner, Fla.,

Officials in Seffner, Fla., are investigating a second sinkhole that has formed less than two miles from the one that opened up underneath a house on Thursday and killed Jeff Bush.

The sinkhole is located behind a home and is roughly 10 feet deep. Officials for Hillsborough County Code Enforcement say there are no injuries nor structural damage at this time, WFLA-TV reported.

Experts say thousands of sinkholes form yearly in Florida because of the state's geology, though most are small and deaths rarely occur.

"There's hardly a place in Florida that's immune to sinkholes," Sandy Nettles, who owns a geology consulting company in the Tampa area, told the Associated Press. "There's no way of ever predicting where a sinkhole is going to occur."

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