Bookstore Finds Novel Use For All Its ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ Copies

They don’t need to be bound by shelves.

One series has dominated a secondhand bookstore’s inventory.

Goldstone Books, an online charity bookstore in Wales, has received so many copies of E.L James's Fifty Shades of Grey that the staff came up with a whip-smart way to utilize them.

They built a book fort.

“I would say we've been getting around 20 to 30 copies per day since the book came out!” Ashley Stamford-Plows, the managing director of the store, told The Huffington Post. “No single other title can compete with the sheer numbers of Fifty Shades that are out there.”

Though the store has an abundance of books, the series is still a top seller. But in 2015, in preparation for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie, the bookstore decided to stockpile their copies, knowing demand would shoot back up when the film was released. The woman who was responsible for collecting and storing the incoming copies was on vacation, so the books began to pile up on her desk.

“We thought it would be funny to block her desk in before she came back by building the fort around it, leaving a small hole at the bottom for her to crawl through,” Stamford-Plows said.

Thankfully, the woman didn’t find it a pain -- she was tickled.

The store posted the pictures on its Facebook page, and they're just now staring to get some friction online.

Stamford-Plows' wife poses with the fort.
Stamford-Plows' wife poses with the fort.

As for what the store plans to build with the next surplus they’ll have when the sequel to the first movie, “Fifty Shades Darker,” comes out in 2017, Stamford-Plows hasn’t ironed out all the kinks yet.

“I suppose you could create all sorts of sculptures out of them,” she said.

May we suggest a giant teacup? You can call it “Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey.”

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