Secret H&M Backed Digital Fashion Project Passes The Celebrity Test

H&M is putting major resources into launching a new digital fashion technology project, according to a celebrity source.

Their new team, so far only known as Shft7, invited a handful of selected pop culture influencers to their secret new technology lab in Los Angeles to reveal their new vision.

It was only a 6 minute visit “behind 3 doors,” because of the tremendous secrecy behind the project, but she said the project had, “the strongest vision she had ever seen of what fashion will look like in the future." H&M’s new project, she said, "is rethinking everything fashion."

They had well known stylists and pop culture talent (big names to be announced soon) that works with them there.

Something is happening, and we hope that H&M or the new team will let us know what it is soon.

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